Classic - Double Flat

By Eazytamp

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This Double Flat base, Classic Eazytamp (aka the Original Eazytamp), has a convex surface base, and enables you to tamp your coffee at the same pressure, every time. The amount of pressure you apply is controlled by a pre-calibrated spring inside the tamper itself.

It’s suited to anywhere consistency and efficiency are valued – from aspiring home coffee makers to professional baristas. This tamper can also be locked into a stationary tamp by pushing down and turning the handle anti-clockwise.

Product specifics:

This Classic Eazytamp comes fully assembled, and features:

  • The classic handle design – suitable for all hand sizes
  • A Double Flat base
  • A calibrated spring (15kg standard spring)
  • A locking staple – can be installed inside the tamp to lock it to be permanently stationary

Each tamper also comes with:

  • A cleaning bag
  • An additional 10kg spring (coloured red) and 7kg spring (coloured blue)
  • A coffee dosing cup (holds 22g of coffee)


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  • 58.4mm custom base size made by request only