Barista Kit #2

By Eazytamp

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Perfect for any beginner, the Barista Kit #2 includes a:

  • Eazytamp 5 Star Pro (with additional 10 kilo spring);
  • Eazy Clean Cup (*fits limited E61 portafilters - refer to notes below)

    For more information about how the Eazytamp 5 Star Pro Coffee tamper (Eazytamp 5 Star pro) works, visit our 5 Star Pro FAQ page [opens in a new window]. 

    Please note: 

    Regarding the Eazytamp 5 Star Pro tamper:

    • Free Shipping Australia Only
    • If you’re not sure what compression flange size you should select, click here [opens in a new window].
    • All 5 Star Pro Coffee tampers come with a 7.5mm thick compression flange as a default. If you are using VST, IMS or other competition filter baskets and require deeper compression inside of such filter baskets (>16.5mm), you must directly request a thicker flange by recording your desired tamping depth in the ‘Special instructions for the seller’ section when you checkout, or contacting us before placing your order. Be advised that customers bear responsibility for correct choice of flange thickness.
    Regarding the Eazy Clean Cup:
      • The 58mm/54mm tamping cup is designed to fit standard E61 portafilters.
      • When ordering the tamping cup, please identify your coffee machine brand in the notes section of the checkout area to ensure that your portafilter will fit the tamping cup. Responsibility for ensuring cup fits individual coffee machines lies with the customer.