Barista Kit #2

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Eazytamp 5 Star Pro resolves two key issues in one user-friendly patented tamper: 

  • the need to exert consistent pressure when tamping; and
  • the need for a fail-safe leveling system to eliminate uneven tamping and the problems this creates during the coffee extraction process.

This tamper is ideal for anyone who uses or owns a coffee machine, including professional competitive baristas, baristas employed in café/restaurants, or home baristas because it makes coffee making simple. There are no other tools needed to make this coffee tamper work – it does everything for you.

The animation below demonstrates how the Double-Spring Leveling coffee tamper works inside of a coffee filter basket.

Tamper specifications

Our Double-Spring Leveling coffee tamper contains the following materials:

    • Two stainless steel flanges (bases)
    • Two springs

Read more about the flanges and springs

    • High quality stainless steel and brass parts
    • A handle made from industrial grade acetal plastic which is perfectly balanced in the hand
    • Proudly Australian made
    • Total Weight: 330g

Perfect for any beginner, the Barista Kit #2 includes both:

    • One Eazytamp 5 Star Pro (complete with 10 kilo spring)
    • Eazy Clean Cup (*Fits limited E61 portafilters - refer to notes below)

For more information about how the Double-Spring Leveller Coffee tamper (Eazytamp 5 Star pro) works, visit our 5 Star Pro FAQ page [opens in a new window].

Eazytamp 5 Star Pro Animation

Please note: 

    • Free Shipping Australia Only
    • If you’re not sure what compression flange size you should select, click here [opens in a new window].
    • All double - spring leveling coffee tampers come with a 7.5mm thick compression flange as a default if no option is selected. If you are using VST, IMS or other competition filter baskets and require deeper compression inside of such filter baskets (>16.5mm), you must directly request a thicker flange by recording your desired tamping depth in the ‘Special instructions for the seller’ section when you checkout; or contacting us before placing your order. 
      Be advised that customers bear responsibility for correct choice of flange thickness.
    • The 58mm/54mm tamping cup is designed to fit standard E61 portafilters.
    • When ordering the tamping cup, please identify your coffee machine brand in the notes section of the checkout area to ensure that your portafilter will fit the tamping cup.
    • Responsibility for ensuring cup fits individual coffee machines lies with the customer.