The Eazytamp

The Importance of Tamping
Tamping is one of 3 variables you need to control as a Barista in order to make perfect and consistent espresso. When you make espresso, the aim is to extract the sweet oils and flavours out of the coffee - not the impurities or bitter flavours.

How it works
When hot water passes through ground coffee, it extracts flavours from the coffee. By compressing the coffee grind through tamping, you create resistance for the water as it passes through the coffee, as well as remove any channels or pathways through which the water can pass through easily. If coffee is tamped evenly and with the correct amount of pressure, as the water passes through it will extract the sweet flavours from the coffee.

The industry standard for coffee tamping suggests that the barista exert 30 pounds (15kgs) of pressure using a coffee tamp on the coffee grind in order to create an even puck which generates the perfect espresso.

Why the Eazytamp?
The Eazytamp removes the guess work from tamping by providing approximately 15kgs (30 pounds) of pressure through a pre-calibrated spring inside of the tamper every single time you push the handle of the tamp down. By using the Eazytamp, you eliminate a variable that you need to worry about when making the perfect espresso.
See below demonstrations of the Eazytamp 5 Star Pro and Original Eazytamp:

Watch Elie Nootenboom creator of Eazytamp assemble the Eazytamp parts.