5 Star Pro - FAQ

Q: How does the 5 Star Pro work exactly?

The 5 Star Pro comes with two stainless steel flanges that work in the following way:

  • The leveler flange is shaped like a star and sits on the top of a filter basket. This flanges acts as a ‘leveler’ by ensuring that a barista tamps straight down and not on an angle. The cut-outs on this flange enable the barista to line up the tamper and clean up any coffee grind which may collect between the leveler flange and the second compression flange.
  • The compression flange is the second flange, which sits under the leveler flange and is the part which compresses/makes contact with the ground coffee in the filter basket. This flange:
    • Can measured to fit any size filter basket e.g. 52mm-58.4mm; and
    • Can be either 5mm thick or 7.5mm thick. As a default we send customers a 7.5mm base.

When the barista pushes down on the handle of the tamper, the leveler flange rests against the filter basket as the compression flange makes contact with the ground coffee. The amount of pressure exerted by the barista is determined by the presence of a pre-calibrated spring (identified as Spring 1) inside of the tamper assembly. We provide both 10 kilo and 15 kilo springs with the tamper. These are interchangeable and either can be used by the barista. For more info on how the springs work, please click here

A large spring (identified as Spring 2) ensures that the leveler flange returns to its original leveling position after tamping occurs. This spring has no bearing on the pressure exerted on ground coffee.


Q: How deep does the 5 Star pro tamp inside of a filter basket?

The tamping depth achieved by the 5mm flange is approximately 14mm inside of a filter basket. The tamping depth achieved by the 7.5mm flange is approximately 16.5mm inside of a filter basket (ideal for use with VST or IMS filter baskets).

If you are using VST, IMS or other competition filter baskets and believe that you require deeper compression inside of such filter baskets (>16.5mm), select a 12mm thick base from the website.

For more information about the tamping depth achieved in these baskets please view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL9nXfTL2OQ [opens in a new window]


Q: How do I replace the calibrated springs in the 5 Star Pro?

This is very simple to do. You will need a 12mm or like spanner. If you don’t have one you can buy this from our accessories page. 

For a demonstration of how you can replace the spring inside of the assembly of a 5 Star Pro, please view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpbR3E6vhFY [opens in a new window] 


Q: How do I know how thick the compression base of the Double Spring Leveller Tamper (Eazytamp 5 Star Pro) should be for my filter basket? Which should I order? 

If you’re using VST, IMS or other competition filter baskets (which are usually sold as separate accessories to coffee machines), then we recommend that you buy the 7.5mm thick compression base.

For all other filter baskets, including those that come standard with your coffee machine, the 7.5mm thick compression base will also be suitable.

If you under-dose your coffee i.e. require deeper compression inside of such filter baskets (>16.5mm), select a 12mm thick base from the website.


Q: Can I use a 58.4mm base if my filter basket specification is 58mm?

As the 5 Star Pro base compresses straight down (level) inside of the filter basket, generally speaking a slightly larger base such as a 58.4mm will fit a 58mm filter basket. Note: The customer bears ultimate responsibility for correct choice of base size.


Q: What is the difference between the ordinary flat-base 5 Star pro and the Infusion base?

The infusion base changes the flavour profile of the coffee as compared with the flat base. The impressions created on the coffee grind encourage the pre-brewing of coffee at the start of extraction, changing the flavour and acidity of the coffee. In our own testing, our infusion bases made coffee taste sweeter. The exact effect depends on the type of blend/roast of coffee that is used.

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