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The Eazytamp is patented and has been developed to take the guesswork out of tamping by regulating the pressure applied. Set at the Industry Benchmark of 15kgs with a precision engineered spring, the Eazytamp ensures that every tamp by every barista has the same pressure.

The Eazytamp is suited to anywhere consistency and efficiency are valued. For every barista worth their salt, for training purposes to busy cafes where a number of baristas are working, to the growing number of home baristas.

Every Eazytamp we sell comes with a lifetime guarantee. They can also be custom made and fitted, so check your basket size to ensure a snug fit.

The Eazytamp can also be locked into a stationary tamp by pushing down and turning the handle anti-clockwise.

The Eazytamp Classic - Flat Base has a completely flat base.

This custom set also comes with:

  • Single Infusion base
  • Triple Infusion base
  • Eazy Clean Cup
Each complete Eazytamp comes standard with a 10 kilo spring and locking staple, to encourage functionality and play. 

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