What does the 5 Star Pro do?

The Eazytamp 5 Star Pro is the world's first spring-loaded and levelling coffee tamper that controls 3 common variables that influence coffee quality during the tamping process:

(1) The tamping level (i.e. how flat and level the tamp sits on top of the ground coffee)
(2) Consistency of your tamping pressure
(3) The depth of your tamping

    Unlike stationary coffee tampers, the 5 Star Pro makes it easy to tamp ground coffee by removing these 3 variables from the coffee making process. There are no other tools needed to help tamp the ground coffee. They’re the perfect tamper for both aspiring home baristas and busy cafes. Plus, we’ve developed various handle shapes to suit your personal preferences. We also provide a choice of tamper bases – flat or infusion, which affects the flavour and acidity of the extracted coffee.


    What does the Classic Eazytamp do?

    The Classic Eazytamp is first spring-loaded coffee tamper model we developed. Every compression from handle to base will exert the industry standard of pressure required, however it allows you a level of flexibility that’s otherwise fixed with the 5 Star Pro, as the Classic Eazytamp has no levelling plate.  This means you’re required to control level tamping manually.

    Our products are being used in thousands of homes and cafes around Australia, and our customers  love the build quality, ease of use and reliability our products.