5 Star Pro - Infusion - Classic Handle

By Eazytamp

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 5 Star Pro - Infusion - Classic Handle specifications

The 5 Star Pro - Infusion - Classic Handle is comprised of:

  • two stainless steel flanges (bases) - one infusion compression base (default 7.5mm thick) and one star-shaped levelling base
  • classic handle - this handle is suited to all hand sizes
  • two springs (one calibrated) 

Each tamper comes complete with a:

  • cleaning bag
  • 15kg spring (inside the tamper) and 10kg spring (red in colour)
  • free dosing cup (holds 22 g of coffee)
For more information about how the Eazytamp 5 Star pro works, visit our 5 Star Pro FAQ page


What's the Infusion base?

The infusion base has circular raised indentations on the surface of the base. These indentations increase the surface area of the coffee, and cause a 'pre-brewing' effect during coffee extraction as the water passes through the coffee puck. The effect is a change to the flavour profile and acidity of the coffee, as compared with the flat base. In general terms, the flavour created by this base is sweeter as compared with the flat base, however the exact impact is dependent on the coffee beans/roast used. It is a great base to use if the roasted coffee beans used are very fresh.


  • Free shipping Australia only
  • Please ensure you measure your basket- Customers bear responsibility for correct choice of flange size and flange thickness.
  • A flange size of 58.4mm will fit most 58mm baskets 
  • If you are using VST, IMS or other competition filter baskets and require deeper compression inside of such filter baskets (>16.5mm), you must select a thicker flange (noting 7.5mm is the default thickness). If you’re not sure what compression flange size you should buy click here.