5 Star Pro - Flat - Classic Handle

By Eazytamp

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This flat base, classic handle 5 Star Pro is by far, our best-selling hand tamper.

Like all our 5 Star Pro’s, the levelling plate keeps your tamping level by sitting on the top of the filter basket as you press down on ground coffee. The amount of pressure you apply is controlled by a pre-calibrated spring inside the tamper itself.

Imagine feeling like a world champion barista when you taste the extraction – you’ll feel a new level of control when you see that delicious crema time and again.

Here’s what our customers are saying about our products:

"My Eazytamp 5 Star Pro - Black / 58.4mm* arrived at the beginning of the week. I am most impressed with its precision: both its fitment into VST baskets, and the cleverness of the leveling and tamp pressures. I had used a Reg Barber 58mm tamp for years, but this will become my preferred tamper due to its precision; one less espresso-making variable to go wrong. Bravo."


"Service from Australia was as good as my very best suppliers right here in the U.S. Thank you! "

Product specifics:

This 5 Star Pro comes fully assembled, and features:

  • The classic handle design – suitable for all hand sizes
  • A flat compression base (default size is 7.5mm thick)
  • A star-shaped levelling plate
  • A calibrated spring (15kg standard spring)
  • A levelling plate spring (to ensure the plate returns to its starting position)

Each tamper also comes with:

  • A cleaning bag
  • An additional 10kg spring (coloured red) and 7kg spring (coloured blue)
  • A coffee dosing cup (holds 22g of coffee)


FAQ, shipping and returns

  • Free shipping Australia only. Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout step.
  • Please ensure you measure your basket. Customers bear responsibility for correct choice of base size and thickness.
  • A base size of 58.4mm will fit most 58mm baskets
  • If you’re using VST, IMS or other competition filter baskets and require deeper compression inside this type of baskets, i.e. more than 16.5mm, you need to select a thicker base – 7.5mm is the default thickness. If you’re not sure what base size you should order, please check the measurement page.
  • For more information about how this tamper works, visit our 5 Star Pro FAQ page