First, why does tamping at the right pressure help?

When hot water passes through ground coffee, its flavours are extracted. By correctly compressing ground coffee beans through tamping, you create resistance for the water as it passes through the coffee, whilst removing channels or pathways that water can pass through too easily.

If coffee is tamped evenly and with the right amount of pressure (the industry standard suggests baristas exert 30 lbs. (15kg) of pressure), as the water passes through it will extract the sweet flavours from the coffee.

So what is the 5 Star Pro and what makes it special?

The Eazytamp 5 Star Pro is the world's first spring-loaded and levelling coffee tamper that controls 3 common variables that influence coffee quality during the tamping process:

(1) The tamping level (i.e. how flat and level the tamp sits on top of the ground coffee)
(2) Consistency of your tamping pressure (comes standard with a 15kg calibrated spring)
(3) The depth of your tamping

Here's how it works:

Unlike stationary coffee tampers, the 5 Star Pro makes it easy to tamp ground coffee by removing these 3 variables from the coffee making process.

They’re the perfect tamper for both aspiring home baristas and busy cafes.

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If you have other questions about how the 5 Star Pro works, please check out our FAQ or send us a message on our facebook page!

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