5 Star Pro - Flat - Black Handle #2

By Eazytamp

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 5 Star Pro - Flat - Black Handle #2 specifications

The 5 Star Pro - Flat - Black Handle #2 is comprised of:

  • two stainless steel flanges (bases) - one flat compression base (default 7.5mm thick) and one star-shaped levelling base 
  • black handle #2 - this handle is suited to all hand sizes. It's long shape and tampered base creates a resting place for fingers
  • two springs (one calibrated) 

Each tamper comes complete with a:

  • cleaning bag
  • 15kg spring (inside the tamper) and 10kg spring (red in colour)
  • free dosing cup (holds 22 g of coffee)
If you would like further information about how the 5 Star Pro works, visit our 5 Star Pro FAQ Page
  • Free shipping Australia only
  • Please ensure you measure your basket- Customers bear responsibility for correct choice of flange size and flange thickness.
  • A flange size of 58.4mm will fit most 58mm baskets 
  • If you are using VST, IMS or other competition filter baskets and require deeper compression inside of such filter baskets (>16.5mm), you must select a thicker flange (noting 7.5mm is the default thickness). If you’re not sure what compression flange size you should buy click here.