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Intelligent Tamping – A trend, or the new norm?

Although we’ve been making tampers for a while now, we’ve started to notice that people are coming on board with the concept of ‘intelligent tamping’. This is the idea that tamping is not merely something that is a ‘step’ in the coffee-making process. It has come to be viewed as a relevant variable that should be controlled when making espresso. For us, intelligent tamping is the foundation of our business. But is the newfound popularity of this concept a mere trend or a sign that the industry is changing?

In the early days of the Eazytamp, some people that used stationary tampers were un-impressed by the idea of using a spring-loaded coffee tamper. This was despite training schools teaching baristas all over the world that in order to make perfect espresso, tamping the industry standard 15 kilos of pressure was necessary each time a barista tamped coffee. This standard was first introduced to ensure coffee machines extracted coffee that was drinkable for consumers.

For us, we were perplexed by this general attitude as it was unclear how professional barista’s could possibly exert this pressure consistently, particularly in the commercial setting where fatigue and the pressures of the role could not possibly allow for consistent pressure to be exerted by a barista.

To overcome this nonchalant attitude we developed an innovative locking system which exists in all of our tampers today, enabling the user to lock the Eazytamp and use it as a stationary tamper if they so desire. We developed a product to give the barista two tampers in one unit.

Fast forward 8 years and now it’s clear that the industry is responding to the fact that consumers are becoming more informed and savy when it comes to selecting the right tools to assist them in the coffee making process. No longer is a stationary tamper considered good enough, particularly when thousands of dollars are spent on coffee machines designed to extract the perfect cup of coffee. The market is demanding more. This change in attitude has seen stationary tampers evolve into offering ‘perks’, including greater coverage inside of filter baskets by larger tamping bases, and bases that assist with levelness in tamping. Others are finally catching on – a coffee tamper should be a tool that assists the user to achieve greatness – not merely something that looks and feels good in the hand.

In our view, this is great! Finally ‘intelligent tamping’ is becoming the norm; not simply a trend. The winners? The barista and consumer, the person who ultimately drinks the better cup of coffee. 

The question is, do these additional offerings provided by stationary tampers give you a more consistent cup?

Stationary or Spring-Loaded Coffee Tamper? 

So what do you look for when shopping for coffee tampers?

It’s important to look for a tamper that will be more than just a ‘tool’ for you to use to achieve what you need in the extraction of espresso.

The key things you want to weigh up include useability, practicability and consistency. Ask yourself, how will this tamper help me control the variables involved in coffee making?

Eazytamp spring-loaded tampers help take the guesswork out of coffee making. With our new tamper in particular, the Double Spring Leveller Eazytamp 5 Star Pro, you are now able to tamp level consistently, whilst compressing consistent pressure each time you use it. Depth is also a non-issue given the distance travelled by the compression base inside of the filter basket. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about any of these variables. The tamper does all the work for you.

When assessing tampers however, be careful not to compare apples with oranges. Intelligent coffee tampers like the Eazytamp spring-loaded tampers cannot reasonably be compared to stationary tampers. Bear this in mind whenever you read reviews comparing these types of tampers as this key and relevant fact is often not properly disclosed/identified by people who take on such a task.

At the end of the day, the concept of ‘intelligent tamping’ has led to innovations that benefit you; you will be able to make the perfect cup. Just make sure you don’t have to do any additional work to help you get there.

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